Many companies allow leases to be signed remotely or at the office of a 3rd party. We view lease signings as an opportunity to introduce ourselves and our management systems. At the lease signing our tenants meet their dedicated property manager and review the basic terms of the landlord/tenant relationship. The meeting also reviews instruction on how to pay your rent, pick up keys, request service, garbage and recycling information and other miscellaneous topics that will come in handy during your tenure as our tenant. As an added benefit, if you ever call the office with a question or concern, you know the person on the other end of the line and are more confident in their concerns for your issues.

Guess you were too excited about moving in and missed this piece at the lease signing meeting- no problem! Keys are always handled by your superintendent. All new tenants should receive a set of 3 keys; building entrance key, apartment door key, and a mailbox key. Replacement or additional keys are available through the superintendent, occasionally a charge and/or management approval may be associated with this request but the keys themselves will always come from the super.

Just about every issue can be broken down into 2 categories; repair & maintenance related or administrative.
All administrative issues like how much rent do I owe and when does my lease expire should be directed towards the management office at 119 West 23rd St, Suite 206, New York, NY 10011, USA (212-673-2300). Bookkeeping questions like the ones above should be further directed towards Jasmine Rivera. Kindly refer to our office hours for the best times to reach us.
Repair & Maintenance inquiries and requests should be directed towards your property’s designated superintendent. Please see the building tab to determine that information. Hopefully our maintenance staff with the super’s oversight will satisfy your need, however, on the rare occasion that you are not satisfied with their level of service then feel free to call your property manager. Additionally, some issues require a little extra attention, again feel free to call your property manager to follow up with your request.
If your repair request is an emergency then call your super, for emergency purposes they are available 24/7. If it’s not an emergency then kindly wait until a reasonable time before calling.
In general call early. Problems only get worse when they are not addressed on time. Better to nip the issue in the bud.

For best service you should not email. The manager’s email address may not recognize you and send the request to spam, or your email can be easily over-looked during a hectic day. When you call the office you know that you spoke with someone, and that someone knows they spoke to you. If solving your problem quickly is your goal then calling is the best method of communication.

Don’t worry- your super won’t get in trouble. Some issues can only be fixed through trial and error or a multiple day process, so it sometimes makes sense that an issue wasn’t resolved immediately and may require follow-up. Most of our staff has been with us for 20+ years- and we’re a big family- you won’t get them in too much trouble….most of the time. ☺

These issues can usually be sorted out amongst yourselves without getting us involved. However, feel free to call the office if you need help resolving an issue.

If you’re asking yourself this question, than call to be safe. 911 is an emergency hotline for all NYC emergencies, or look up the phone # for your local precinct for more precise complaints. DSA strives to make our properties safe for all our inhabitants, but remember this is still New York City.
Other common sense safety measures to remember are to always keep your windows locked, and don’t buzz in any strangers via the intercom system.
The police are also the proper contacts for non-emergency related issues such as domestic disputes, or noise complaints. If your neighbor below is throwing a party and you need to wake up for work early the next morning, then call the police to shut it down. At 2AM there’s nothing we can do about it, but the police can! Of course- call us the next morning during business hours so we can follow up and address the situation with the offending tenants.

The general rule of thumb is to keep the noise down after 11pm. If you plan on hosting a few friends over past 11pm then we recommend keeping it to holidays and weekends only and informing your immediate neighbors beforehand. Feel free to invite your super too.

Not really sure- although we’re told it’s very helpful. Perhaps you enjoy being put on hold, or rude customer service, indirect bureaucratic answers to very real questions. Maybe you have a car and need 24/7 access to alternate side parking information and your phone doesn’t get service so you can’t check online….but then you can’t call either.

We are pet friendly but we reserve the right to say no. We reserve this right in case your pet is a nuisance. We only enforce this right when we have to.

For your safety. In a perfect world we would like to believe that individuals can be responsible for their own safety and allow residents access to enjoy the views from the roof. Unfortunately the laws in this city place the blame on us if anyone gets hurt and our insurance providers would drop our insurance coverage if the roof is not off-limits to all residents.

You should receive a lease renewal offer from us around 90 days before your lease expires, and we ask for your decision 30 days before the lease expires. This gives you roughly 2 months to figure out your living arrangements for the upcoming year. (if you would like to receive your renewal offer more than 3 months in advance then feel free to call us and discuss). We ask for 30 days notice, but if you still need more time then give us a call and let us know – we are usually happy to grant it. If you did not receive your renewal lease in the mail then let us know.

We offer several convenient options for rent payment.
A. Use the self addressed envelope and bill that is tucked under your door every month. Simply enclose your check and mail it in
B. Mail your check in your own envelope- send it to our office: 119 West 23rd St, Suite 206, New York, NY 10011, USA- be sure to include your apt code on the check
C. Set up online bill pay from your bank: Be sure your apt code is on the check, and be sure that an actual check is being mailed to our office. We do not accept ACH transfers.
D. Of course you’re always welcome to bring your payment in person to our office.
Sorry- we do not accept credit card payment.

Please don’t call us with this question. You should call your bank. We only get notified if your check doesn’t clear and then only by snail mail from our bank. However- we can tell you if your check was received. Please ask for Jasmine Rivera X 205.